Should You have a Pseudonym?

While individuals who work in the field of Internet Marketing really like how much freedom and variety it offers it is still a fact that most of the people who do not work here are more likely to look at it with intensely critical eyes. There are many rumors and misconceptions around about IM as well as the whole internet. The people who perform within it recognize and understand how excellent it is but it still posess a unique problem: do you want to be judged for it in your "regular" life?

Many people who perform in the field of Internet Marketing do so under a pseudonym. They think up fake names for themselves because they would like to be sure that their IM existence stays separate from everything else, particularly when they only do IM part time. Lots of completely new and part time entrepreneurs are concerned that their friends and employers will find out that they are making money online. Of course, even if you dont care about that kind of thing, it still is always a question: should you use a pseudonym for your online business?

There certainly are a large amount of positive aspects to using a pseudonym. The most important benefit, by far, is being able to create an identity that is separate from your personal life and makes it easier to keep the two from merging into each other. If you perform in a particularly strict or judgemental field offline it is probably very important that you keep all of your internet activities away from their eyes and using a pseudonym will help you protect yourself from that.

If you want to work in several different niches, using a pseudonym will help you be able to do that. This way they can make expert and niche identities for themselves that provide credibility to their businesses without having to worry about looking like a dabbler. You do not have to worry about being asked about conflicting products or niches because you'll be working in them under different names.

Unfortunately, however, on the list of large reasons that people do Internet Marketing business with a pseudonym is because they want to evade their tax responsibilities. They believe that if the business is not conduced under their legal names, then they won't have to worry about any of the money they earn being reported to the IRS. It is vital that you don't fall for this flawed logic. Even when you work under a different name your money counts as income and you are responsible for it. Beyond that, the IRS will ultimately find out about it--everyone who attempts to cheat the system fails.

Whether or not you decide to work with a pseudonym is really up to you. For some people it is much easier to use one name for their "real" lives and something different for their "online" lives. For other folks keeping every little thing under the same identify is actually easier because it means they have fewer things to remember.

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